How Accurate is Astrology?

Question by bluebellroses: How Accurate is Astrology?
I have been dating a Pieces Guy 32 (i’m a Taurus Lady 26) According to the very detailed western charts where i put in the date ,time of birth and the place of birth ,it would not work out for me n him .but when i just put in our birth dates with out all the details it looks like we would be both very compatible .The Chinese atro charts also showing it would not be very good combination .We have got to know one another through online dating site .We have been in contact with one another every day for a lil over a yrs now with hours of talking on the phone ,IM and webcam, and with this being a long distant relationship have spend only 10 whole days together .so far .The attraction between us is strong but i know that can’t be the only thing to make a relationship work out for us …..We plan on meeting up again in a few more weeks and i’d then be moving with him .I’d then leaving most of my lifestyle and things i loved behind to be with this guy if i do decide to go on ahead .I really do love this guy .We are have both been talking about marriage soon here I’m just kinda stuck in my thoughts now that i read up on astrology weather i should make such a big jump now .My question is how accurate are Astrology Love Compatibility Charts Really ?How likely are Pieces and Taurus to work out in a marriage relationship?

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Answer by Blake
Not accurate, in my opinion.

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