How are Horoscopes and Zodiac signs REAL ?

Question by junglecubs: How are Horoscopes and Zodiac signs REAL ?
I don’t believe this stuff ideally, just wondering where the Origin of daily horoscopes writings about each sign comes from. NOt the mayans used to stars and made shapes with them and have theyre own name and we have done it since…. I havn’t heard tangible proof because that is not. i’d like to believe it because its fun. But i think people can get obsessive with it and carried away because they look to every detail about it to tell them who they are and how they relate to other signs (PEOPLE) and i don’t understand that. Clearly if you Believe something, you will become it.
(Placebo effect etc)

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Answer by SpartanCanuck
Since constellations are entirely arbitrary, it doesn’t really give astrology a leg to stand upon. But, we have this tendency called apophenia, which prompts us to see apparent patterns where no pattern actually exists.

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