What is the compatibility of the cusp signs?

Question by Steven: What is the compatibility of the cusp signs?
I want to know the compatibility of myself (Sagicorn) and my bf (Pisces/Aries Cusp). It’s not a deal breaker or anything, I’m just curious as to how our personalities are supposed to interact.

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Answer by Mystic
Let us first be clear about cusps. The real purpose of them is to divide the houses in a chart. People who think they are on the cusp of 2 signs about 98% are not. To actually be on the cusp of a sun sign, you need to be between 29 degrees 30 minutes- 00 degrees 15 minutes. Therefore, check your charts, to assure it is a cusp.
The 2nd part to your question is regards to compatibility. Compatibility is not truly assessed by the sun sign, and as a general rule we do not look at the sun signs first. To truly assess compatibility we really should be looking at the complete chart, needing date of birth, time, and place (city /province,state, county/country.
To just give a small overview, looking at Sag and Pisces they do not blend well, The fire will find the water way too emotional. Yet, sadly, without looking at the complete chart, this statement could be very wrong.
Sag in general like adventure, Pisces does not. They are by nature a square which creates some blockages in the dynamics of the relationship.
Lets strive for good astrology.

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