What zodiac sign has the most murderers? And which sign would least likely kill someone?

Question by Japxican: What zodiac sign has the most murderers? And which sign would least likely kill someone?
What zodiac sign has the most murderers? And which sign would least likely kill someone?

And what is your sign?

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Answer by MIA
Leos are hot heads!

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what is my zodiac sign

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I’ve been tagged by my Flickr friend Azlan and this is his awesome photostream www.flickr.com/photos/friend_faraway/

let’s do this.

1) My name is Emran Kassim and my Flickr name is emrank, a Malaysian Malay that sometime people think that I’m not

2) I really love Flickr and wish it was invented 10 years ago , so I don’t have to lost my pictures in my burned HDD

3) I’m married to Yusmeeraz Yusof since May 2005 and now we have 3 lovely kids that become my favourite models

4) Been work at 3 different company and each of my kids was born when I worked there (one child for each company hahaha) they also was born in different states of Malaysia too. Eirfan was in Negeri Sembilan, Yuri was in Pahang and Eiqmal was in Johor

5) I speak & write in 3 languages, Malay + English & Japanese

6) I enjoy riding my superbike until I had a crashed in Dec 2006 and still not repair her until now. I also enjoy playing video games but since my 1st child was born,,, my PS2 is hibernating in her box. Beside that I enjoy reading Japanese comic too, not to forget photography of course

7) The last movie that I watched at cinema was THE DARK KNIGHT

8) My zodiac sign is Libra and I supposed to be a romantic guy hahaha, definitely I’m not and for those who want to know,,,,, I was born on October 16 and will be turning 31 this year

9) I enjoy rock & ballads during teen and my 1st record that I bought was from DEEP PURPLE, didn’t remember the album but I like "Smokes on the water" from that album. My first CD was "Koleksi Tangkap Nangis" a compilation of Malay ballads that I bought before I further my study in Japan in early 1998. During my study in Japan I enjoyed the J-POP and now I just listen what’s on in the radio.

10) My favourite food is Bihun Sup or noodle soup and satay , drinks? Neslo Ais perhaps hahaha and not to forget Teh Tarik

That’s all a little bit of me

Still not decide who I want to tag yet….don’t worry… it might be you


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